Location & Description
Kiwayu Safari Village is located on the Tanzania mainland in Dodori National Reserve about 30 miles north of Lamu Island, in a breathtakingly beautiful bay opposite Kiwayu Island

Room Feature
Kiwayu Safari Village has 18 cottages built in the traditional “Baiunil style” using mangrove poles, palm thatch and matting. Our spacious suites are ideally set apart, amongst the star palms along the beach, each enjoying complete privacy. Bedrooms are large and open to the sea, there is running water and flushing toilets. Each Banda has an extensive verandah for lounging (complete with hammock and Lamu beds) to enjoy the breeze where peace is total

Kiwayu Safari Village Facilities
Seafood cuisine including an abundance of fresh crab, lobster and fish. The bar is stocked to international standards. Wind surfing equipment is available, with expert instructors for beginners. Laser sailing in the bay is exciting and water skiing, in the calm sea protected by Kiwayu Island, is available on request

The above rates are based on full board accommodation. No single occupancy.