Tanzania Mountain Trekking

In a country crowned by the tallest free-standing volcano in the world and almost bisected by chains of ancient mountain ranges, hiking takes on a high profile. Stunning scenery and rugged terrain combine with a fascinating cultural backdrop to create several challenging and adventurous routes. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Climb the “Roof of Africa”, on Mt Kilimanjaro, trek with the Masai through their ancestral land or explore the unique flora and fauna of the untouched rainforests. Trekking is the best way to experience the wonders of the stunning mountainous areas of Tanzania and to absorb the wonderful nature and beautiful views.

Every mountain is unique from each other, and this makes it important to be well informed before deciding which one to climb. In Tanzania, most climbers opt for Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Meru is Africa’s fifth highest peak with fabulous views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Momela Lakes from the summit. The challenging ascent to the crater of Ol Donyo Lengai passes through some fantastic scenery with panoramic views of the Rift Valley. The trek to the top of Lengai is very steep and a true challenge which is attempted only by hikers with good level of fitness.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours

Mount Kilimanjaro stands almost 6000 meters above sea level, but one does not need to be an experienced mountain climber to reach its peak. The world's tallest free-standing volcano lures thousands of trekkers each year . Beginning amid lush stands of banana on Kilimanjaro's heavily cultivated lower slopes, the climb continues up through dense, dripping rainforest to alpine meadows and crosses a barren lunar landscape to the twin summits of Kibo and Mawenzi. Read more

Mount Meru Trekking Tours
Often lost in the shadow of nearby Mount Kilimanjaro, 4566m high, Mount Meru is the Tanzania's second-highest peak – also offers a highly scenic trek to the top. Mt Meru is a beautiful mountain to hike.the five days hike to the summit of mount Meru through Verdant Afromontane forest into high attitude alpine desert with stunning views of dormant volcano.There is possible sighting of wildlife on foot,Afromontane forest ,less busy than Kilimanjaro ,excellent bird life and Mount Meru is one of the most underrated hikes in East Africa. Read more
Oldonyo Lengai Mountain Climbing Tours

"Oldoinyo Lengai" means “The Mountain of God” in the Maasai language. The summit of this strato-volcano is 2962 metres above sea level, and affords direct views into the caldera of Tanzania’s only officially-certified active volcano, and the world’s only carbonatite volcano; records of eruptions have been maintained since 1883, the largest of which deposited ash 100 kilometres away in Loliondo on the Kenyan border to the north west. Read more

Ngorongoro Crater Highlands Trekking

The highlands of Ngorongoro Crater offers an ultimate nature walks to its craters of Olmoti & Embakai, Craters and other land-forms around the area coursed by underground forces that associated with the formation of The Great East African Rift Valley. The best of Ngorongoro highlands walking safari tours offers a panorama views of all the areas around the world nature wonders “The Ngorongoro Crater”. Read more

Tanzania mountains vary in height, location, climate etc. Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa have attracted many climbers from around the globe. Mount Meru (4566m.) and Ol Donyo Lengai (active volcano) are also popular. Other mountains in Tanzania are Mt. Hanang (3417m.), Longido (2629m.), Usambara Mountains, Mt. Lemagrut, Mt. Lolmalasin, Mt Oldean, Uluguru Mountains, etc.