Meet Our Africa Safari Team

Having a compliment of staff who have been involved in the industry at various levels including tourism management, Customer Services, Tours & Travel operations, we passionately strive to ensure that our clients receive outstanding service. We are able to offer a selection of products to suit each individual’s preference without compromising our world-class standards. We share our knowledge and passion for our beautiful and exceptional wildlife with all our customers.

Our tightly knit, superbly functioning team of the finest tourism experts is at your service. This is our most precious asset where lifetime careers are the rule, not the exception. Our staffs are Dedicated, Efficient, Friendly, and Knowledgeable. These words describe our group of tourism professionals, whose mission is to make your tour the best vacation ever.

When you return home from a successful tour that lived up to your high expectations, a lot of credit is due to our best personnel who you didn’t meet, the men and women who staff our operational office and deliver the first class service that you expect from World Tours & Safaris Tanzania

Our Safari Guides & Tour Leaders

Our driver/safari guide will accompany you while on safari. They are professional local experts offering insights on the region’s history, geography, wildlife and cultural traditions, who in partnership with our tour leaders provide a dedication to customer service that is the best in the industry.

In case of large groups, the tour leaders are with you throughout your journeys to ensure everything runs smoothly. They are knowledgeable, caring, informative and insightful, managing all details of every itinerary to make your vacation smooth, enjoyable and worry free.