Planning your African Safari

An African safari is a true adventure — a journey crafted in the tradition of wealthy 13th-century traders who first hunted the plains of Africa for wild game trophies to hang on their walls. Today travelers hunt for photo opportunities instead of occasions to kill, but they encounter the same scenes that have fascinated explorers throughout history: thousands of zebras migrating across emerald grasslands, flocks of florescent flamingos creating a field of color across a shining lake, lions feasting on a hard-earned kill.

If an African safari is on your bucket list, you can book it yourself online or over the phone. World Tours Tanzania offers both tours and safaris to different places in Africa. Watch cheetahs dart across the seemingly endless expanse of the Serengeti. Get a look into the lives of gorillas in the forests of Uganda. Snorkel in the warm waters of the Indian ocean in Zanzibar, and learn about the various tribes and peoples of Africa at a local heritage center during your trip. Before you book your safari to the region, read up on the area and safari trips to choose the best trip for your interests. Whether you’re planning a month-long, multiple-country safari, or a simple, comfortable night in a hand-picked hotel, we’ll take care of you.

How to Plan an African Safari Holiday - Our Booking Steps

Whether you’re planning a month-long, multiple-country safari, or a simple, comfortable night in a hand-picked hotel, we’ll take care of you.

Where do you want to go?

Africa is a vast, stirring canvas. Be it the splendor of Botswana, the crystal blue waters of Zanzibar, or the breathtaking spectacle of the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, we’d like the privilege of sharing the rich colours of it all with you. We create journeys to the East African countries and the Southern

  • Namibia
  • Zambia
  • Mozambique
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • Indian Ocean Islands

What do you want to do?

Romance, adventure, or soul time with your family? There’s a panoply of things to do, share, and be in Africa. Start day-dreaming, collect postcards in your mind of the experiences you’d like most, and we’ll help to make it real, and bigger and finer than you imagined.

Talk to Us

Let us take the leg work out of planning a perfect African safari, and save you time, and money while we’re at it. Contact us, and a dedicated travel expert will be assigned to you. They’ll be your guide and first point of contact (via telephone initially as we find this is better than long-winded emails to get the crux of your dream trip). They will work with you, listening to what you need, answering any questions you may have, and ultimately tailor-making a perfect itinerary, no matter how many emails it takes.

Confirm & Relax

Once the itinerary is finalized and you’re happy with your booking, a 50% deposit confirms your reservation. If you need to make any changes, no problem. Our goal is to make your tour is seamless, and wrinkle-free, so you can get on with the exciting anticipation of your upcoming vacation – with no frowns, doubts, or concerns clouding the enjoyment of your trip. We are on the ground when you are travelling, and our 24-7 emergency staff on standby once you are in Africa.

Pre- departure service

Once final payment has been made, we will send you all relevant vouchers and pre-departure guides. We will check-in with you a couple of days before you arrive in Africa just to make 100% sure all is in order. While you are dreaming of Africa, we are re-confirming all services so make sure things operate seamlessly on the ground.

Post-trip service

We like to think of our guests as a part of our family. Africa is an emotive, inspiring destination, and we would love to hear about your adventures. We will welcome you home and ask you for some frank feedback (so that we can share it with others who will follow in your footsteps)