-A beautiful land full of perfect memories, of vast plains, picturesque landscapes, abundant wildlife.
-White sandy beaches, as warm as the hearts of the people.
-A nonchalant summer's breeze seeps silent, through a window left ajar.
-Carrying soft memories and scents of Kenya.

Our hotels are not only situated in the most convenient locations but represent the very pinnacle of luxuriously appointed accommodation in the East African region.

The ultimate standard in design, comfort, facilities, food and leisure come together to create a blend of quality and opulence, rarely seen at any five star hotel in the region. With numerous options available to enhance the level of service guests receive, such as impeccable cuisine and dining facilities, family vacation spots, blissful weddings and honeymoon vacations, meetings and events travel, thrilling safari experiences and well-appointed guest rooms, our offerings guarantee you unforgettable experiences.